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Campus Guidebook

The Campus Guidebook has been designed for all students living on campus this year. Scroll down to learn more.

Guiding your Campus Living

As you step foot on campus, you may be feeling a mixture of anxiety and uncertainty about life at Stanford. We understand and hope to guide you through all the information you need to know. Let's begin by checking out the video below:

Life on the Farm

This video summarizes our collective goals as a community and the essential behaviors to sustain a safe and healthy campus for all community members. 

Staying Safe

The pandemic has transformed how we go about creating a safe and healthy campus environment. Check out these pages to learn more about important considerations regarding your welfare.

COVID Health Info

Protocol related to periodic testing, daily screening, and protective supplies.

Community Living

Considerations for fostering a safe and communal campus environment.

Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for emergencies including Shelter-in-Place and wildfire smoke.


We understand there are many more aspects of campus life you may have questions about. Luckily, there are a number of resources out there that want to keep you up to date.


Stanford Dining's CleanDining website keeps you up to date on improved dining hall safety measures.

Learn more

Campus Compact

The Campus Compact website provides information on student expectations and guideline adherence.

Learn more


The Stanford Libraries website keeps track of updated access and pickup appointment hours.

Learn more


  • Will students be required to wear face coverings?
    • Yes, at all times outside dorm rooms, including inside dorm common areas.

  • How will we encourage students to follow public health protocols?
    • We are in this together, and together we will protect and support each other. Therefore, we’ll be asking all students to agree to a “campus compact.” Along with the compact, we’re developing a review panel for when we may need to hold students accountable for reported violations. Actions from the panel, ranging from education to removal from campus, will not become part of a student’s permanent disciplinary record.

  • Does Cardinal Care cover COVID treatment?
    • Yes.

  • What is Escondido Village Graduate Residences, Building A (EVGR-A)?
    • EVGR is a new complex in East Campus. Building A (EVGR-A) -- one of four, 10-story buildings -- will be set aside for undergraduates this fall so we can provide for physical distancing across the residences. Located at 757 Campus Drive, across from Mirrielees, Building A has 710 bed spaces in mostly two-bedroom/two bathroom units and a handful of studio units. Learn more about Building A here.

      Residential Education (ResEd) will manage the community programming for Building A, as in the rest of undergraduate housing. Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Student Housing Operations will manage an undergraduate housing front desk in EVGR-A and provide custodial service. Undergraduates, including student staff, who live in EVGR-A will be on one of three R&DE Stanford Dining meal plans.

  • Can an undergraduate live off campus and participate in the in-person courses or activities on campus?
    • No. Undergraduate students must live on campus in student housing in order to attend in-person courses or participate in any in-person activities on campus. This is to reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus.

  • If students choose to be in residence during their assigned quarter, can they elect to NOT be enrolled during that quarter?
    • In Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, undergraduates-in-residence must be enrolled.  We are currently exploring exceptions for Summer 2021.

  • What are the special circumstances that may allow a student to be in-residence on campus in addition to their cohort’s designated quarters?
    • Special circumstances include, but may not be limited to, international students who may face travel or visa complications; students experiencing homelessness; students with home environments not conducive to remote learning; and students with unsafe home settings. We will do our best to house as many students with special circumstances as possible even if changing conditions prevent us from opening campus, as long as we are in compliance with state and/or county regulations, and are able to provide the conditions necessary to keep students safe.  For the autumn quarter, 1,204 students applied, and we were able to approve 73 percent of the requests with relatively equal distribution across class years.

  • How will we allow for physical distancing?
    • All undergraduate housing will operate at reduced capacity to ensure physical distancing and other public health measures. All undergraduate residents will be assigned to singles.

  • What is the university doing to keep students and the housing and dining staff safe?
    • On behalf of Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE), Senior Associate Vice Provost Shirley Everett invites students to join us in ensuring the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff and the entire community. This is R&DE’s highest priority. 

      Since the onset of the pandemic, R&DE has developed and implemented comprehensive programs to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to provide a positive housing and dining experience for students. It is extremely important that students follow the guidelines and abide by all posted health and safety notices in dining halls and residences.

      More information is available on the R&DE website.

  • What are the arrangements for co-terms?
    • Co-terms who still have eligibility for undergraduate housing are eligible to live on campus when their undergraduate class cohort does. 

      Co-term students who are in their fifth year or beyond, and have exhausted their four-year eligibility for undergraduate housing, are considered graduate students for housing purposes and cohort restrictions do not apply to them.

  • Can undergraduates living in graduate housing be on campus regardless of cohort?
    • Those transfer students and non-traditional undergraduates who are approved to live in graduate housing will be able to live on campus for all four quarters.

  • What are the options for students who cannot return to campus to complete lab requirements?
    • Some courses may require an in person component. Students who are unable to complete the lab requirement for any reason should contact the department offering the course for academic guidance. Undergraduates may also find it helpful to contact their Academic Advisor.

  • If a student is living on campus, can they still enroll in remote courses?
    • Yes. All undergraduate students enrolled in a given quarter can enroll in online courses, whether they are residing on campus or off. The vast majority of courses during 2020-21 will be online. Note: International students living on campus should check with Bechtel before enrolling in remote courses only.

  • Are undergraduate students required to return to campus in 2020-21 for instruction?
    • Undergraduates are not required to return to Stanford when their cohort is permitted to reside in on-campus housing. Students may participate in courses remotely for all three quarters of their enrollment. Note: International students should check with Bechtel before enrolling in a remote quarter.

  • What spaces on campus will be inaccessible?
    • In adherence to current public health guidance to help minimize the potential for the spread of COVID-19, the University is currently limiting access to a variety of campus facilities and spaces during the summer period. Until further notice, undergraduates will not have in-person access to facilities such as laboratories, libraries, studios, or University archives. This includes both undergraduates currently in on-campus housing and undergraduates who wish to visit campus while housed elsewhere. Guidance for autumn quarter will be forthcoming.


You may have questions and concerns not addressed on this site.

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