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COVID Health Info

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Vaden Health Service is open and ready to serve you in person and virtually. All students who are present on campus are required to take part in our COVID screening program, and to report their health conditions daily through the Stanford Health Check website. 

COVID Dashboards

Looking for updates on the current COVID situation on campus? Look no further, Stanford Health Alerts has created a COVID Dashboards page that provides various daily and weekly updates about COVID surveillance testing, Health Check submissions, isolation, and prevalence in the Stanford community. The dashboards include recent and historic metrics for both students and employees since the onset of COVID with comparative measures to the surrounding area. Check it out!

Surveillance Testing

Supporting the health and safety of our community is the most essential part of our response to the coronavirus pandemic. We have implemented a “surveillance” testing plan, which refers to periodic testing for all students at no charge. 

  • Testing Summary
    • Starting August 31, we will begin ongoing surveillance testing for undergraduates who are approved to live on campus due to a special circumstance. Undergraduate students will be required to participate in twice weekly testing, and students also will be able to access additional testing, up to a total of two tests per week, if they wish to have it. We will monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community in real time and may adjust the cadence of testing based on what we see.

      The nasal swab testing for students will be offered at one or two sites on the main Stanford campus, at appointment times throughout each week. Students will receive an email soon with more information about how to participate. We will provide support and isolation accommodations for any student who receives a positive test result. Those who test positive through surveillance testing also will be offered a confirmatory test through Vaden processed by Stanford Health Care.

    Feel free to check out the various resources below to learn more about on campus testing:

    Health Check

    On top of weekly testing, students are also required to report their health status each day using Stanford Health Check. With this tool, Stanford is able to automate the self-reporting process, which supports the existing university mandate for self-reporting of test results.

    The goal of this program is to keep our onsite population healthy by helping them track their health daily and identify any symptoms of illness early on. All information entered will be secured and protected.

    For more information, please check out the Health Check FAQ.

    Starter Kit

    Per the Campus Compact, every student is expected to wear face coverings and maintain proper physical distancing, cleaning and good hygiene. Luckily, your RAs are providing you with a starter kit full of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help you abide by these precautions. What's in the kit?

    Your supplies in this kit may run out, so remember to check out your housing front desk for resupplies items such as hand sanitizer bottles and disposable face masks.

    External Guidance:

    It is important to note that every decision we make is intended to keep you safe and healthy by reducing the risk of transmission. In order to make the right decisions, we are required to adhere to national, state, and county guidance, all of which you may read about below: