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We want to acknowledge the stress and anxiety many of you are feeling right now. We are here for you and want to provide you with the necessary support throughout this coming year.

Here to Support You

There are many university programs and personnel we want you to be aware of if you are in need of help. Remember, there is no shame in reaching out

Check out this interactive infographic to explore your options for supporting your well-being.


Self-Care Platforms

Empower yourself by practicing self-care. Explore these platforms to see which practices work best for you:


Headspace is a meditation app that offers a free pandemic collection of meditation exercises plus hundreds of articles for "any mind, any mood, any goal."


If you have a hard time ignoring upsetting news, or find that reading about coronavirus triggers your anxiety, you can use Freedom to disconnect.

Calm Calendar

The meditation app Calm offers a downloadable calendar with daily tips, exercises, and mindfulness challenges to reset and keep yourself on track.

Shine Toolkit

This self-care app and online community for people with anxiety and depression has created a special toolkit for managing coronavirus-related anxiety. 

Rec and Wellness

While we are all learning and working from home at the start of the school year, we are committed to offering diverse recreational opportunities that inspire health and wellbeing. Whether socially distanced in the facility, outdoor fitness classes, or virtual recreation, ‘you can do you’ with Stanford Recreation and Wellness.